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The UW System is made up of 13 four-year universities and 13 two-year branch campuses affiliated with seven of the four-year institutions.

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Log into My UW to view your earnings statements, tax statements and more. The links below offer help with the work-related modules available in My UW, along with additional helpful resources.

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Visit HRS Administration for tools and documentation developed specifically for HR, payroll and benefit coordinators.

HR, Payroll and Benefit News

October 13 · UW System Human Resources
Don't miss the Annual Benefits Enrollment period!
October 22, 2021, is the deadline to make changes to your benefits for 2022. The Annual Benefits En...

September 10 · UW System Office of Trust Funds
403(b) Program Enhancements: Town Halls
UW System is making changes to enhance the 403(b) Program, the University’s supplemental retir...

September 27 · UW System Human Resources
2022 Benefit Highlights
The Annual Benefits Enrollment (ABE) period is September 27 – October 22, 2021. This is your a...

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