Calendars and Schedules

Employee Calendars

2019 UW Employee Payroll Calendar
2020 UW Employee Payroll Calendar
Single page calendar; includes pay periods and pay dates

UW System Legal Holidays

Administrative Payroll Processing Calendars

UW Payroll Calendar
Online custom month, week, and table calendar views; includes pay periods, all processing and pay dates, legal and federal reserve bank holidays

2019 UW Payroll Calendar
2020 UW Payroll Calendar
Single-page calendar; includes pay periods, final calc/confirmation processing and pay dates

Academic Year Pay Periods

Academic Payroll Calendars for 9-Month (C-Basis) Employees
Future, current, and previous calendars for each campus and institution, organized by academic year

Summer Payroll Calendars

Summer 2019 Payroll Calendars: All Campuses
Summer 2020 Payroll Calendars: All Campuses

Historical Calendars

Historical Calendars and Schedules