Use the Self Service Benefits Enrollment Walkthrough tool to determine your insurance benefits enrollment options and to estimate your deductions from payroll. NOTE: The walkthrough will produce a worksheet summarizing your estimates but will not enroll you in any benefit plans.

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin (UW) System!

Your benefits are an important part of your total compensation package. As a new employee who is eligible for insurance benefits, you may enroll in benefits within 30 days of employment. Please educate yourself on the benefit plan options to help you with your enrollment decisions. You may do so by visiting the UW System New Employee Benefits website.

We also recommend that you use ALEX, a personalized benefits counselor, to help make the benefit plan decisions that may best suit the needs of you and your family. Please contact your human resources office for details on how to enroll in benefits within your initial 30 day enrollment period.

Using the Benefits Enrollment Walkthrough

Each successive screen will display information about one of the available benefit plans. Use the resources provided on the UW System New Employee Benefits website and visit ALEX, a personalized benefits counselor, to make your decisions about which plans you wish to enroll in, and the various options available for each plan. At the end of the walkthrough, you must complete your benefits enrollment through Self Service or paper applications. You will be given a summary report of your choices, as well as directions to complete your enrollment. Please use this report as a guide as you complete the enrollment process and save a copy for your records.

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the benefits enrollment walkthrough is correct and current. However, the terms and conditions of UW benefit programs are established by state and federal laws and regulations, the relevant contracts and the policies of the Board of Regents. These sources of authority have control over the information contained in this benefits walkthrough to the extent there are any discrepancies. All premium and coverage levels provided in the walkthrough are estimates and are not a guarantee of future cost or benefits.