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All Events from 02/01/2017 to 02/28/2017

Date Day Time Event
02/01/2017 Wed 2M Pay Period Begin
02/01/2017 Wed 1M Pay Date
02/02/2017 Thu 1B Pay Date
02/04/2017 Sat 2A Pay Period End
02/05/2017 Sun 2B Pay Period Begin
02/05/2017 Sun 2A 1st Batch Prelim Calc
02/06/2017 Mon 2A 2nd Batch Prelim Calc
02/07/2017 Tue 2A Payroll and Benefit Retro and Payline Load
02/07/2017 Tue 2A 3rd Batch Prelim Calc
02/08/2017 Wed Morning 2A FICA Deadline
02/08/2017 Wed 2A 4th Batch Prelim Calc
02/09/2017 Thu Evening 2A Confirmation Deadline
02/09/2017 Thu Afternoon 2A Final Calc
02/10/2017 Fri 2M 1st Batch Prelim Calc
02/12/2017 Sun 2M 2nd Batch Prelim Calc
02/13/2017 Mon 2M 3rd Batch Prelim Calc
02/14/2017 Tue 2M 4th Batch Prelim Calc
02/14/2017 Tue 2M Payroll and Benefit Retro and Payline Load
02/15/2017 Wed 2M 5th Batch Prelim Calc
02/15/2017 Wed Morning 2M FICA Deadline
02/16/2017 Thu 2A Pay Date
02/16/2017 Thu Evening 2M Confirmation Deadline
02/16/2017 Thu Afternoon 2M Final Calc
02/17/2017 Fri 2B 1st Batch Prelim Calc
02/18/2017 Sat 2B Pay Period End
02/19/2017 Sun 3A Pay Period Begin
02/19/2017 Sun 2B 2nd Batch Prelim Calc
02/20/2017 Mon 2B Payroll and Benefit Retro and Payline Load
02/20/2017 Mon 2B 3rd Batch Prelim Calc
02/21/2017 Tue Morning 2B FICA Deadline
02/21/2017 Tue 2B 4th Batch Prelim Calc
02/22/2017 Wed Afternoon 2B Confirmation Deadline
02/22/2017 Wed Morning 2B Final Calc
02/28/2017 Tue 2M Pay Period End