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Register for your Flu Vaccine Appointment

Protect yourself this flu season by getting your annual flu vaccination!

The Well Wisconsin Program offers workplace flu vaccine clinics because rolling up your sleeve now is better than a nasty illness later. Flu vaccinations are free and voluntary for employees and spouses enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program.

To receive a flu vaccination, you should:

  • Pre-register
  • Present your health insurance ID card at your appointment
  • Complete the digital consent form (available online after you register for your appointment)
  • Wear a mask to your appointment, if local guidance requires it (nurses administering the vaccine will wear masks)

The flu vaccination will protect against the more likely causes of flu illness during the upcoming season, including the H1N1- strain of influenza. The vaccine is preservative-free. The vaccine is not recommended if you:

  • Are allergic to eggs or egg products
  • Have an active neurological disorder
  • Have a fever, acute respiratory or other active infection/illness
  • Are pregnant (contact your physician to discuss if you should get the vaccine)

To register for your appointment, go to the Well Wisconsin Program website, either log in or create an account, then scroll down to find the Get Your Flu Vaccination tile, and click Register.

For more information:
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Source: UW System Human Resources