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Integrity Hotline for Faculty, Staff, Students

The UW System Integrity Hotline is available for all students, faculty, and staff to report a concern on a wide variety of issues. It was formerly known as the Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hotline since its launch in 2015.

Reports can be made on more than 40 categories of issues, including:

  • Employee, student, and customer service relations.
  • Discrimination, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers.
  • Financial issues like accounting irregularities, records falsification, grant mismanagement, wage/hour issues, or theft of cash or goods/services.
  • Academic issues like research misconduct.
  • Operational and environmental issues, like data privacy violations, product quality, and safety issues.
  • General issues, like fraud, conflict of interest, animal care, and athletics.

You are always encouraged to talk to your supervisor, a manager, or someone in Human Resources if you have a concern about misconduct, abuse, fraud, or illegal activity. For more information, see UW System’s Reporting Concerns webpage. However, you may also use the Integrity Hotline by calling 855-827-4950 or contacting Navex Global online at You may remain anonymous.

Source: UW System