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Do You Need Help With The Payroll Schedule Change Happening Now? These Resource Can Help!

UW System employees paid monthly are moving to the biweekly payroll schedule this month.

  • The first change employees will experience is receiving a partial monthly paycheck on July 30 for time worked July 1 – July 17.
  • On August 12, employees will receive their first biweekly paycheck for time worked July 18 – July 31. 

By now, hopefully you have reviewed your personal situation to prepare for this change. If you haven’t, you are encouraged to review the following resources:

  • The Single Payroll resources web page includes frequently asked questions, budget planning information, the 2021 payroll schedules and other helpful resources.
  • Update Contributions and Withholdings
    With the biweekly pay schedule, you will receive 26 paychecks a year instead of 12. If not updated, certain contributions and withholdings that you currently have taken on a monthly basis, such as TSA, WDC, and taxes, will be potentially doubled when you move to a biweekly schedule.

    To avoid having more deducted than you intended, review this resource to help you recalculate and take action to change the amount deducted from each paycheck. 
  • Pay Date Models 
    This online tool allows you to enter your annual salary to calculate the gross earnings by pay date. 
  • Paycheck Estimator
    This tool is designed to provide financial planning assistance associated with the schedule change.
  • 2021 Payroll Schedules
    This resource provides you with the biweekly payroll schedule. 
  • Slides and videos from previously held Single Payroll Town Hall Meetings are available on the Single Payroll resources web page.

It’s Not too Late!
It’s never too late to get your questions answered. Direct your questions to the following:

UW System Support
Email support
(888) 298-0141
or (608) 262-0600
Email support
(608) 265-2257

Source: UW System Human Resources