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Need help with the Payroll Schedule change coming this July? These resources can help!

UW System employees paid monthly will move to the biweekly payroll schedule beginning in July 2021. Now is the time to prepare for this change!

To help you prepare, here are a few of the helpful resources available to you. Refer to the Single Payroll resources web page to get all your payroll change information, including FAQs, budget planning materials and 2021 payroll schedules.

Payroll Change Resources

  • Pay Date Models
    Pay Date Models allow you to enter your annual salary to calculate the gross earnings by pay date.

  • Update Contributions and Withholdings
    This resource will guide you in making changes to your paycheck contributions and withholdings that may be impacted by the new biweekly schedule.

  • Paycheck Estimator
    This tool is designed to provide financial planning assistance associated with the schedule change from a monthly to a biweekly paycheck.

  • 2021 Payroll Schedules
    This resource will provide you with the new biweekly payroll schedule. 

Savings & Spending Plan Workshops
UW System is partnering with UW Credit Union to help you plan for your paycheck changes. Attend the Savings & Spending Plan (Budget) Workshop to create a plan that works for you.
Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 5:00 PM

Payroll Schedule Change Town Hall Meetings
Town Hall Meetings were held throughout the spring and provided details on the Payroll Schedule changes. Visit the Single Payroll resources web page to review slides and recordings of the Town Hall Meetings.

Don’t Wait!
The time is now to review your personal situation regarding the July 2021 payroll schedule change. Review the available resources, ask questions, and be prepared for the upcoming change.


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