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Human Resource System Update Provides Easier Access to Self Service Pages and Resources

Due to a November 3, 2019 Human Resource System (HRS) update, UW employees now have easier access to HR related Self Service pages and resources through simplified navigation.

Navigating to Self Service Pages
Navigation from the MyUW portal to HR related Self Service pages did not change. Employees can continue to choose portal tiles related to Payroll, Benefits, Time and Absence, etc., to navigate to Self Service pages.

Employee Self Service Home Page
To simplify navigation for employees, once in Self Service, there is no need for an employee to navigate back to the portal to choose a different HR related tile to complete an additional task.

Now, conveniently located within Self Service, there is a home button on the top right of each page that takes users to the Employee Self Service home page. This home page provides a collection of tiles for navigating to Self Service pages relating to Payroll, Benefits, Time and Absence, etc. By clicking a tile, an employee has access to the pages pertaining to that topic and related tasks, without the need to leave the Self Service environment.

Navigation Within Self Service Pages
Self Service pages now include a convenient left side bar with tabs to other related Self Service pages. This allows the user to navigate between pages within that specific Self Service environment.

Help Resources
Help resources are available on all Self Service pages by clicking the action menu (three stacked dots) on the top right of each page. These are the same help resources that will continue to be available through the MyUW portal (for UW System institutions or UW-Madison) and on the UW Service Operations home page.

Source: UW-Shared Services, Service Operations