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Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees May Bank Unused Vacation for Future Use

Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees (FAASLI), with a 12-month appointment, are eligible to bank unused vacation after they have completed 10 fiscal years (July 1 through June 30) of employment. The Paid Leave Bank is also refer to as Banked Leave and is formerly known as Annual Leave Reserve Account (ALRA).

Twelve-month FAASLI are allocated vacation on a fiscal year basis. While they can carry unused vacation into the following fiscal year, the vacation must be used by the end of that fiscal year, or it will be lost. The option to bank unused vacation is a way to save vacation for future use.

How Much Vacation Can I Bank?
Twelve-month FAASLI are eligible to bank up to 40 hours of vacation per fiscal year after completing 10 fiscal years of employment, and up to 80 hours of vacation per fiscal year after completing 25 years of employment. The amount of vacation that can be banked is prorated for part-time employees.

There is no limit to the total number of hours (balance) that can be saved in the Paid Leave Bank and the hours do not expire.

When banking unused vacation, first the unused vacation allocation will come from any vacation carryover balance that you might have at the end of the fiscal year (June 30). If you bank more unused vacation than you had as vacation carryover, the additional hours to be banked will come from your vacation balance as of June 30.

When Can I Use The Vacation In My Paid Leave Bank?
With your supervisor's approval, you may use the vacation in your Paid Leave Bank at any time and it can be used in any circumstance in which you are allowed to use paid leave.

What If I Terminate Employment?
If you terminate employment any unused banked leave will be paid to you at your current wage rate.

To View Eligible Paid Leave Bank Hours
If you have a Paid Leave Bank account, you may view your balance by logging in to the MyUW portal for UW System institutions or for UW-Madison. Launch the Time and Absence app and click on the Leave Balances tab.

To review the vacation policies, see:

If you have questions, please contact your human resources office.

Source: UW Service Center