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2018 Benefits ID Cards -- Who will Receive Cards and When?

State Group Health Plans

Health insurance plan ID cards are typically sent by health plans to participants by the end of December. The 2018 plan cards are effective January 1, 2018, and you may need to present your card at appointments that occur after January 1, 2018.

Remember, before seeing your health care providers in 2018, check to make sure they are in-network by visiting your health plan's online provider directory.

The following employees will receive health plan ID cards for 2018:

  • Employees who changed health plans: Employees who chose a new plan during the Annual Benefits Enrollment (ABE) period will receive a new health plan ID card.
  • Employees who are now covered by Quartz: Quartz will be sending health plan ID cards to all members. Due to the large number of enrollments, Quartz will send cards out in two distributions in mid and later December.
  • Access Plan members: WEA Trust (the administrator for the Access Plan in 2018) will send out health plan ID cards to all members.
  • Employees who did not change health plans: Employees who will continue enrollment in 2018 in the same health plan that they had in 2017, will not receive a new health plan ID card unless they added or removed dependents during ABE.


TASC (the FSA & HSA plan administrator) has announced a delay in the distribution of benefit cards. Newly enrolled employees in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) will receive their benefit card for these plans by mid-January. New enrollees can submit claims through the manual process until they receive their benefit card.

Employees who previously participated in these plans and already have a benefit card may use the same card as previous years.

Employee questions regarding benefit cards can be directed to TASC at 844-786-3947 or

Dental, Vision and Epic Benefts+

Newly enrolled employees in Uniform Dental, Dental WI, EPIC Benefits+, and/or VSP will receive a card. Current enrollees will only receive new card(s) if they added/removed dependents.

Navitus Pharmacy Benefits

Newly enrolled employees in health insurance will also receive an ID card from Navitus for pharmacy benefits. Current enrollees will only receive a new card if they added or removed dependents, had a change of their last name, or made a request to receive a new card.

Review Your Cards For Accuracy

Review all benefits ID cards you receive for accuracy. Make sure all dependents are correctly listed and the information is accurate. If you discover errors, or if you do not receive cards, contact the benefit plan directly.

Source: UW System Human Resources