State Group Life Insurance Definition of 'Dependent' Changed Effective May 1, 2017

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) announced changes to the definition of 'dependent' for the State Group Life Insurance program. The changes were effective May 1, 2017 and broaden the definition of 'dependent' to expand coverage. Changes include:

  • Removal of the requirement that the dependent be unmarried.
  • Removal of the requirement that the dependent be more than 14 days old.
  • Changed the upper age limit for being considered a dependent from the end of the calendar year in which the dependent attains age 25 to attainment of age 26.
  • Removal of the requirement that the employee be responsible for at least 50% of support and maintenance for the dependent.

In summary, a dependent can be covered until they attain age 26 regardless of their marital, educational or financial status.  The definition of 'dependent' can be found in Wis. Admin. Code § ETF 10.01(2)(a)

Source: UW Service Center

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