Review/Update Your Personal Information Before the Semester Ends

As the academic year winds down, many UW employees will leave for summer break, permanently leave UW employment, or begin summer session/summer service duties.  As you finish the year, you are encouraged to review your Personal Information module in the MyUW portal for UW System institutions or UW-Madison and make changes as needed.

Your personal information includes your home and office addresses, phone numbers, legal and preferred name, and other information such as disability and veteran status.  It is especially important to update your address information if you will be moving over the summer.  All employees are also strongly encouraged to update their emergency contact information if needed.

Why is This Important?

Even if you’re leaving the UW permanently, or you will not be working at a UW institution for a few months, it is important to have your current personal information on file for many reasons:

  • Your employer may need to contact you.
  • Your home address will be used at the end of the calendar year for Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement distribution.
  • Having current information on file ensures that you will receive important information concerning your benefits, paychecks, or UW employment.


If you have questions, review the instructions on how to update your personal information:, or contact your human resources office

Source: UW Service Center

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