2017 Insurance Premiums and WRS Contribution Rates

Benefit changes made during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period and premiums for 2017 coverage will be reflected on the pay check dated December 22, 2016 for University Staff (paid bi-weekly) and January 3, 2017 for Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointees (FA/AS/LI) (paid monthly).


Your Benefits Summary is available online. Log in to the MyUW portal for UW System institutions or for UW-Madison and click on the "View Benefits Summary Detail" link in the Benefit Information module to see your Benefits Summary. On the Benefits Summary page, enter "01/01/2017" in the date field above the summary and click "Go" to see your 2017 elections.


  • Health insurance plan cards are typically sent by health plan providers to participants by the end of December. The 2017 plan cards are effective January 1, 2017, and you will need to present your card at appointments that occur after January 1, 2017.
  • Navitus pharmacy cards (prescription drug coverage) for 2017 will only be sent to newly enrolled employees. If participants were covered in 2016, they will not be receiving a new card. 

Employee reimbursement account (ERA) AND HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA)

If you enrolled in either the ERA or HSA programs for 2017, the first deduction for 2017 elections will be on the January 3, 2017 pay check for FA/AS/LI, and the January 5, 2017 pay check for University Staff.  New TASC cards will be sent to all new participants. This card should be used for all expenses in 2017. 

Current ERA participants (those who participated in 2016 and have elected to continue participation in 2017) will not receive a new TASC card.  Current participants should continue to use the TASC card that they have which will be loaded with their 2017 elected amount. 


The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) employee contribution rate for 2017 will increase from 6.6% to 6.80% for all employees. This increase will occur on the January 3, 2017 pay check for FA/AS/LI, and the January 5, 2017 pay check for University Staff.

Source: UW Service Center

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