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2023 Benefit ID Cards
April 18, 2023

Are you using the right benefit ID card when you see your doctor, pick up a prescription, visit the dentist, or get your eyes checked? Make sure you have your ID cards prior to needing them. Then, be sure to use the right ID card to save you time and prevent issues later.

State Group Health Insurance ID Card
Present your health insurance ID card at telehealth visits, office visits, urgent care visits, emergency room visits, and any other appointment that involves healthcare services.

To request your health insurance ID card, contact your health insurance carrier. The phone numbers for the health insurance carriers are listed in the Health Benefits Decision Guide (last page).

Pharmacy Benefits ID Card
If you enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program, you should have a separate ID card to use for pharmacy benefits. Navitus administers the pharmacy benefits. Present your Navitus ID card when you:

Go to the Navitus website or call Navitus at (866) 333-2757 to request or print an ID card.

Uniform and Supplemental Dental Insurance ID Cards
Delta Dental administers the Uniform Dental and Supplemental Dental Insurance plans. There are separate ID cards for the Uniform Dental and Supplemental Dental Insurance plans. Present both ID cards at your dental appointments if you are enrolled in more than one plan.

Go to the Delta Dental website or call Delta Dental at (844) 337-8383 to request or print an ID card.

Vision Insurance ID Card
DeltaVision/EyeMed administers the vision insurance. If you enrolled in vision insurance, present your DeltaVision/EyeMed ID card at your vision appointment.

Go to the DeltaVision/EyeMed website to print a vision insurance plan ID card:

After you login, go to the Account tab and select Print My ID Card. Or contact DeltaVision/EyeMed at (855) 544-6035 to have them mail your ID cards to your home address.

Payment Card: Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Limited Purpose FSA, Health Savings Account, Parking Account
Optum (previously ConnectYourCare*) administers these accounts. If enrolled, you will be issued a single payment card, even if you are enrolled in multiple accounts. Click the links below to review eligible expenses for each account.

Contact Optum at (833) 881-8158 to request a new payment card.

* If you have a ConnectYourCare (CYC) payment card, continue to use it for eligible expenses. Upon the expiration date of your CYC payment card, Optum will automatically issue you a new payment card with the Optum branding.

Review Your ID Cards for Accuracy
If there are errors on your ID cards, contact your institution benefits contact.


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