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Income Continuation Insurance: Enrollment Period and Premium Update
January 31, 2023

An Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) Deferred Enrollment opportunity is currently available through March 1, 2023, for eligible employees.

Additionally, employees who are currently enrolled in ICI will have a premium update effective February 1, 2023.

ICI provides replacement income if you are unable to work due to a short or long-term disability.

Deferred Enrollment Period

Employees who are eligible for the ICI Deferred Enrollment Period were notified of their eligibility via email the week of January 30. To enroll, submit an application to your institution benefits contact by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Generally, you will be eligible for a deferred enrollment if:

Review your personalized ICI employee web page to determine your enrollment opportunity and for an estimate of your premium.

Premium Update

ICI premiums are reviewed annually with any updates effective February 1 each year. Premium changes for 2023 will be reflected on the February 23, 2023, paycheck*. Visit your personalized ICI employee web page for your premium summary.

There are several factors that determine your premium amount:

     * Due to a system error, some employees may experience a change in their ICI premium on their February 9, 2023 paycheck.
     The error will be corrected on the February 23, 2023 paycheck and in most cases, the dollar amount is less than $5.00.

     ** If you were on an unpaid leave of absence during 2022, review your ICI employee web page for information on how your premium may be affected.

More Information

For ICI plan information visit the UW System Employee Benefits ICI web page. After reviewing the web page, if you have questions, contact your institution benefits contact.

Source: UW System Human Resources
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