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403(b) Program Enhancements: Town Halls
September 10, 2021

UW System is making changes to enhance the 403(b) Program, the University’s supplemental retirement savings plan.

Updates to the program focus on cost-effectiveness, simplification, and ease of use for 403(b) participants. UW System’s goal is to make it easier for participants to enroll, select investments, and monitor investment performance on an ongoing basis.

UW System will host town halls to discuss the upcoming 403(b) program changes and actions participants may need to take. Town halls are scheduled for:

Employees will have an opportunity to ask questions during each town hall. Access links to join on the 403(b) Program Enhancements web page. If you’re unable to attend, recordings of each town hall will be made available on the web page shortly afterwards.

Current participants in the program will also receive additional communication from UW System and their providers in the coming weeks.

Source: UW System Office of Trust Funds
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