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Update Address/Personal Information Before End of Spring Semester
May 4, 2020

With so many people’s situations disrupted by the current health crisis, it is especially important that your personal information on file in the MyUW portal is up to date. This includes your addresses, phone numbers, name, emergency contacts and disability/veteran status. You are strongly encouraged to review and update your Address/Personal Information in the MyUW portal before the spring semester ends, or any time you know your contact information is changing:

Employees Who are Moving or Terminating UW Employment

It is important to update your information if you have relocated, plan to move OR if you will terminate UW employment at the end of the semester. If you terminate employment, you will no longer have access to the UW Human Resource System to access documents such as your tax statements. Having your current information on file is extremely important so your UW institution can contact you when needed, such as mailing your tax forms to the correct address.

To Review and Update Your Address/Personal Information

  1. UW-Madison employees log into the MyUW-Madison portal.
  2. For all other institutions, log into MyUW System portal.
  3. Click on the portal Personal Information tile.
  4. Review your information on the Personal Information page.
  5. Click on the Update My Personal Information link to update your information.

Note: Updating information in the portal will update information for many but not all of your benefit plans. See instructions for changing your name or address for your benefits plans.

Paycheck Direct Deposit

If you currently participate in direct deposit, and you will be terminating employment at the end of the semester, it is important that you do not close your local bank account BEFORE you last check is direct deposited. Please make sure you have received all payments from the UW before you close your account.


Review the instructions on updating your personal information or contact your human resources office.

Source: UW-Shared Services, Service Operations
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