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PY/AM/TL Topics

Following the COVID-19 leave balance adjustments effective 5/2/2020 (does not apply to MSN)

  1. Will retroactive COVID-19 entry with usage dates between 4/1 and 5/1 decrease the new balance?
    • Retroactive entry of COVID-19 leave use will reduce the adjusted balance.
  2. Will retroactive COVID-19 entry with usage dates between 3/17 and 3/31 decrease the new balance?
    • The adjusted balance will be reduced regardless of the date of use. UWSS Service Operations will work to monitor these leave requests. Campuses should also monitor for these and submit a ticket when a balance needs to be adjusted.
  3. Will retroactive COVID-19 entry of over 80 hours decrease the new balance to 0 or will it go negative? Will there be errors or exceptions to deal with?
    • Retroactive adjustments will cause the balance to drop below 0 if an excess of use is entered. This will generate a TL Exception. We are working on a process to bring the balance back to zero.

Are resources available to assist employees with timesheet entry?

Tipsheets are available on the COVID-19 Resources landing page for administrators and the employee portal and help pages for employees.

Will an employee be paid for a holiday that occurs while the employee is furloughed?

  • For intermittent furloughs, an employee would receive holiday pay, provided that the holiday does not coincide with their identified furlough day.
  • For consecutive day furloughs, an employee would not receive holiday pay for any holidays that occur during the furlough. However, employees on consecutive day furlough will receive the July 4th floating holiday regardless of consecutive day furlough effective dates.

If an employee is furloughed during a holiday, does the holiday become a floating holiday?

  • For intermittent furloughs, an employee would receive holiday pay, provided that the holiday does not coincide with their identified furlough day.
  • For consecutive day furloughs, an employee would not receive holiday pay for any holidays that occur during the furlough nor do these holidays become floating holidays.

When monthly Academic Staff employees take paid leave during the pay period in which they also take a furlough day, how do they record the paid leave? Add request to the timesheet or through "Request Absence" or both?

Monthly employees can continue to record leave use in the manner they are currently using. It can be entered via Request an Absence or on the timesheet. It should not be entered in both places.

Do monthly employees need to record time worked for the full biweekly time period or only the week in which furlough is used?

According to the policy, employees only need to record hours worked within the week in which the furlough is used (not the biweekly period as previously stated).

For monthly employees, will the entry of reg hours on the timesheet be used for tracking purposes only?

The entry is for tracking and approval processes.

What employees are exempt from entering furlough and hours worked on the timesheet?

The exemption for this follows the same exemption criteria that exists for the FLSA salary test (Teacher, Doctors, Lawyers).

How is intermittent furlough calculated for monthly employees?

  • Monthly rate/22 days = daily rate
  • This calculation will be automated

Is there a way to mass upload the consecutive furlough timesheets so we don't have to manually enter for each pay period?

Furlough transactions can be loaded. A template used for submission will be communicated along with a schedule of submission deadlines by pay period.

How do employees record their intermittent furlough days? (This includes employees who work non-8-hour shifts.)

  • Biweekly employees should record furloughs in their normal hourly increments. There are no half and full day limitations.
  • Monthly paid employees should choose either the half-day or full-day time reporting code.
    • The furlough calculation for monthly employees will then use this entry to determine if the deduction from pay will be the full daily rate or half of the daily rate calculation.
    • Monthly employees who work non-8-hour shifts will need to account for hours remaining in the shift as the full and half daily rates are based on 8- and 4-hour days.

For furlough time, how will leave earnings be "trued" up?

This will be programmed according to the type of furlough. More details to come.

Will monthly employees have the same timesheet entry deadlines as biweekly employees?

Yes. A tipsheet with the payroll deadline schedule is available.

BN Topics

Can employees opt to lapse coverage or change coverage levels for benefits for an Intermittent furlough?

  • Lapsing coverage is only available to employees on a consecutive date furlough.
  • Changing coverage level is not available due to furlough.
  • See furlough webpage for details.

Who submits the Furlough Insurance Selection form to Service Operations?

Either the employee or the Benefits Administrator can submit the completed form to

Who enters the benefit prepays and benefit billing for Consecutive day furloughs?

If time sensitive, the BN Administrator should enter the prepays. Otherwise, Service Operations will enter prepays and benefit billing.

HR Topics

Is intermittent furlough to be entered in Job Data as well entering it on the timesheet?

Yes, for tracking and reporting purposes, intermittent furlough is entered with an Action "Data Change" and Action Reason "Furlough Intermittent" and upon the end of the furlough period Action "Data Change" and Action Reason "Return From Furlough."

Is the extended FMLA allowable for any COVID leave reason or only if daycare or school is closed?

Per Interim: FMLA Expansion policy, FMLA was expanded to include when the employee is unable to work (or telework) due to a need for leave to care for the son or daughter under 18 years of age of such employee if the school or place of care has been closed, or the childcare provider of such son or daughter is unavailable, due to a public health emergency.

Will there be an involuntary vs voluntary reason code for furlough?

There are multiple new furlough action and action reason codes that will be rolled out in the near future.

Will consecutive day furloughs entered in job data make their pay status inactive so MET emails stop sending to these employees?

They will remain active in order to ensure benefits and leave allocations remain whole.

QA from 3/24/2020 AG Call

How are COVID-19 leave balances being allocated for employees without an FTE?

For employees without an FTE or with fractional FTE, such as limited term employees, an FTE equivalent will be estimated and the initial balance can be updated via campus request. Request will need policy review and approval.

How are monthly employees reporting COVID-19 leave use?

  • Monthly employees will enter COVID-19 leave on their timesheet. Entry can be made by administrators as well.
  • Alternatively, COVID-19 leave may also be uploaded. A template was provided in a communication on Friday, March 20, 2020. The spreadsheet should be submitted to the AGs and the upload process will be handled here in UWSS-Service Operations

Will we be responsible for updating TL Security for monthly employees to enable timesheet creation?

  • TL Security will be mass-updated to reflect a Time Entry Method of Time Sheet for all employees with the exception of those using the billing interface and those using webclock or timeclock.
  • For those using webclock or timeclock, entries can be made by administrators or loaded via the template previously provided.

Will in and out punches be required when using COVID-19 leave?

No, if in and out punches are used with the TRC, an error message will pop up indicating they can’t use in/out times and must use a quantity of hours.

Can COVID-19 leave use be reported on the absence page?

No, COVID-19 will be reported via TRC on the timesheet.

Will students be allocated COVID-19 leave?

At this time, students are eligible for COVID-19 leave. Students who are paid hourly will be allocated a balance of COVID-19 leave. Students who are paid lump sums will not be allocated a balance. Student eligibility is a point under review at this time however.

When using COVID-19 leave, will vacation and sick leave continue to accrue?

Yes, when using COVID-19 leave, other types of leave will continue to accrue at the normal rate.

3/27/20 Update: Office of General Counsel is further analyzing the direction regarding the inclusion of student hourly employees. Students will be removed from the allocation upload at this time.