University employees who pay for transportation costs by payroll deduction are eligible for the pre-tax transportation program. The links below provide information regarding transportation options and the pre-tax transportation program. If you have questions, contact your payroll office.

Please Note: Pre-tax transportation deductions will reduce your earnings reported for Social Security purposes. In most cases, there is no effect on your Social Security benefit because Social Security earnings used to compute benefits are an average of earnings over your working career.

There is no effect on your earnings reported to the Wisconsin Retirement System or on the computation of any other benefits such as sick leave conversion credits, income continuation insurance, life insurance, unemployment, or workers compensation benefits.

Commuter Benefits

The Commuter Benefits program is a qualified transportation benefit program which allows employees to pay for certain employment-related transportation expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Vanpool Rideshare Program

The State Vanpool provides alternate transportation for state and non-state employees commuting to Madison from outside communities. Participants can join a group that is already established or form a new vanpool. Riders enjoy low rates and the benefit of convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.

For 2015, the UW provides employees with a wage exclusion of $130 per month for commuter highway vehicle transportation and transit passes, based on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue limits. Vanpool expenses that exceed this limit will automatically be taken on a post-tax basis, meaning that a portion of the combined deductions will be subject to Federal and State income taxes and Social Security taxes.